What to Bring


  • Bedding and toys. We do provide everything, but you are welcome to bring your own. Please keep in mind that your pets favourite toy may end up in pieces whilst playing.
  • Tick and flea treatment is required to enter. If we supply treatment it will be an additional cost
  • Vaccination Certificate. C5 within the last 12 months for dogs and 3 for cats.
  • Medication and special dietary foods. Please label with clear instructions.
  • Terms and Condition Form (Download)
  • Completed Guest Details Form (Download)
  • We provide skin free cooked chicken breast or raw mince steak. Dried food varieties include Royal Canin, Hills Science or Wellness. You are welcome to bring your own complete diet or your own dry food.

Please remember when your dog goes home, the excitement of seeing family and reintroducing foods not had during boarding can cause gastric upsets.


Petite Pets Dogs In Suitcase