Petite Pets Outside

Social Suites

Petite Pets Cottage has 4 rooms which have been designed to give maximum comfort and flexibility for your dog.

  • Sleeping area 3 m x 3 m. Beds/Lounge chair/Blanket/Underfloor heating with glass sliding doors leading to own fresco undercover area.


  • Alfresco Area 3 m x 3 m. Shade areas to play or simply lounge around. Free to decide to stay here or move onto the decked area or out to the grassed exercise yards.


  • Decked Area 3 m x 3 m.Timber decking for the sun lovers with option of large sun umbrella if it gets too hot.
  • Large Fenced Yard. Petite Pets Cottage has two secure exercise yards, with two rooms sharing each yard, if compatible. This means 3-4 friendly dogs out together with the option to return to their accommodation whenever they wish.




Private Suites

Petite Pets Cottage has 4 rooms which provide accommodation for non-sharing guests or families with a cat and dog, who would prefer to sleep together.

  • These rooms are 3 m x 2 m with window boxes/beds/lounges/underfloor heating.

Petite Pets Family Room